This site is inspired by various attempts through the years to do my small part to help the environment. Both of my grandmothers were committed to feeding us fresh food with beautiful produce from the garden. What modern food technology has been producing is a full blown assault on the tradition that they and grandmothers throughout the globe of their generation had tried to leave their offspring. I am pretty sure they could have had no inkling that lab-produced food could actually take over all of the market place. But this is what the leaders of these industries actually see in the future. There was perhaps no better way to fully grasp the hollowness of the term impartial science than to study the history of genetically modified foods and how they were forced into the market place.

When reading about the history of cell phone technology, it was like reading from the same playbook. Early writings by Christopher Ketchum for a 2010 GQ magazine article and Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie in a 2018 article for The Nation really set the alarm off for me, as it showed exactly the same brushing aside of independent science by business forces.

This past year has shown that these different branches of commercially-fueled technologies are coming together in a way most of us had not quite imagined. It has made independent research by so many across the globe more important than ever, as the science that is being used to change the entire world is being fueled by the same forces who are seeking to control all of its resources. And for whom an actual functioning democracy is actually a hindrance and not a goal. Together we have to get to the bottom of the corruption.