Union Square, December 21, 2020

On a frigid post blizzard Sunday, many participants stepped to the open mike to give a short history lesson or to share their latest research. A very articulate, young home school-er wowed the crowd as he wove together all the dark questions of the past months. He told us what it was like to interact with playmates who were masked and fearful, and yet there had been only 50 childhood deaths attributed to Covid-19, and they all had serious co-morbidities, he told us.

A young lady from Queens gave a rousing speech about a suicide of a small business owner. She asked, “If you have worked for something all your life, and it is just taken away from you, what do we expect will happen? In California Governor Newsom advises people to wear a mask between bites. That we can only see ten family members at a time. Why are people taking this?”

“Because they’re Democrats!” someone called out.

There were a good deal of Trump supporters, which confounded quite a few of the passers by, one of whom asked if this was a joke. Tense words were exchanged. Many of the MAGA partisans were originally from Communist countries who thought the main problem here was Communism. And yet there were also battle hardened leftists and anarchists in the group, who would assert that the problem is hypercapitalism. As one of the speakers said, this is not about left or right. This is about vaccinating kids without parental consent.

Such a law was just recently passed in Washington DC, which even allows for the medical authorities not to inform parents of those innoculations. How would parents know if their child suffered an adverse reaction what their illness might be due to? Mandatory vaccine laws have been introduced in various state legislatures. There was one just recently introduced by Assembly person Linda Rosenthal in New York. This is quite ironic as she was also the prime legislator who in years past had tried to introduce ‘Right to Know’ labeling bills for genetically modified foods. One wonders how she reconciles the fact that the two front runner vaccines are not based on traditional inoculation with an attenuated pathogen, but on synthetic mRNA which will, if not alter your genome itself, definitely alter your gene activity. What happened to the rights of people who do not want to have anything to do with genetic modification technologies being a part of their physiology? Was all that earlier bluster about the right to know just a way to sidetrack our focus away from the high crimes of squashing independent science, preying on small farmers, co-opting their land, and releasing new genetic modified organisms irretrievably into our environment.

On a recent weekend right after the new year something unimaginable happened. A MAGA and a BLM organizer got together to plan a rally in front of the Assemblyperson’s upper west side home. They marched up and down Broadway, confounding police and passers by alike, many of whom thanked them for what they were doing. If anything would scare the powers that be it would be for two such opposing groups to find common ground and join forces.

And if there was any hope for this country it would seem to be in this open dialogue and in this alliance. And the attempt to hold our representatives accountable to questions our media has been reluctant to ask. Questions that the brilliant young child was asking, to do with the unreliable PCR tests, with their high cycle counts, the CDC’s change in death certificate directives. Now doctors were always to code for Covid-19, and not the underlying cause. And all the financial incentives.

That cold, post-blizzard day at Union Square I lingered as some of the group took to the streets with a megaphone asking how long their fellow New Yorkers were going to take this. They ran into people who said they had lost family members, that this was real. One formidable figure was a Vietnam Vet who was now a Covid nurse. He showed pictures of a young man’s sinuses stripped of outer flesh. It seemed as though the unfortunate young man had been exposed to some kind of flesh eating bacteria. The nurse had diagnosed this affliction as Covid. He said this was a biological weapon and that we would have to take the vaccine. “You will take the vaccine,” he insisted. “Otherwise martial law is coming.”

The group plans to meet every Sunday, either at Union Square or other selected locations. You can find them on Facebook at Stop the Lockdown NYC, or at stopthelockdown.wordpress.com.

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